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Welcome to SupremeJC Consultancy Ltd

SupremeJC Consultancy Ltd is a company that specialises in a range of business solutions and support services aimed at achieving efficiency and effectiveness for our clients to meet their goals & objectives. We help our clients develop excellence!

Our client portfolio includes community groups, churches and, charitable organisations and small to medium businesses that have realised tangible results from our support. We simply provide value for money and excellence is non-negotiable!

Our Mission: Is to enable organisations fulfil their vision, goals and objectives through developing best practice aimed at achieving efficiency and effectiveness in their overall functions and operations.

Our Vision: Is to resource charitable organisations to become sustainably productive and successful.

Our Values:

Efficiency - We work with our clients to execute their operations in time and on budget.

Excellence - We are committed to ensuring excellence is not compromised in our customer-relations and service delivery.

Success - We work closely with our clients to achieve their targets evidencing the impact they make with verifiable outputs and outcomes. Sustainability is built into all the strands of our work.

We will be honest, transparent and objective in relationships and ensure fairness in our pricing, striving to exceed the expectations of our valued clients.


SupremeJC Consultancy Ltd
1st Floor, Richmond House,
11 Richmond Grove,
M13 0LN.

Phone: 07453 950875

Email: enquiries@supremejcconsultancy.com